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Oficina de Normalización Previsional - Peru

«The i2S DigiBook scanners allow us capturing the best image and information possible without missing any detail”


First Image Oficina de Normalización Previsional - Peru
Second Image Oficina de Normalización Previsional - Peru

The Project

the ONP has launched an extensive digitization program which aims to digitize a portion of the labor history of the country during the 20th century, ie more than 250,000 records of employees and 30 million ballot payroll. The objective is to generate databases of images indexed with legal value in order to automate the characterization and determination of pension rights and retirement in less time and safely.


The i2s Digibook scanners have been selected to scan the records of employees. We are using three scanners Suprascan A0 and five scanners Suprascan A1, both with the 50 cm book cradle and glass. The added values of these scanners are the scanning size (from A3 to A0 format), to capture without loss of information in the image to obtain a legal value, the possibility to flatten the image and especially the central part of the registers, and also the ergonomics and productivity: these cutting edge machines have a very high productivity level and can be adapted to different operators.

Third Image Oficina de Normalización Previsional - Peru
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