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University of Hagen's Library

University of Hagen's Library carried out a detailed market analysis with an evaluation of all competing A2 scanning systems before deciding on the i2s CopiBook. The document delivery team from University of Hagen's library cite the following reasons for purchasing CopiBook. 

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"A while back, when we were looking to purchase a new scanner for networked remote lending and the University Library's smaller scale digitization projects, we started by looking at what was available on the market and asking our colleagues in other libraries about their experiences and recommendations"

"After a few trials, we opted for the i2s CopiBook model. It meets all our expectations and hopes in terms of both its technology and operation. To date, we have had nothing but great experiences with the scanner, and it has been extremely well received by colleagues at the university library. Now that we have been working with the CopiBook for some time, we are all in agreement that we made the right decision. The speed and quality of the scanner continue to impress us. It is very easy to operate and the glass plate in particular makes our work much easier. The great service also reassures us that we opted for the right product."

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