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Fluorescence imaging is accessible to all

Fluorescence imaging

Fluorescence imaging is used in the field of microscopy and provides very useful information on living cells, such as viruses, bacteria and animal cells. These systems are currently expensive and non-portable.

Other larger objects also reveal interesting properties in fluorescence.

i2S has developed a new camera dedicated to fluorescence imaging for non-microscopic objects. This affordable solution has been designed to be portable and easy to implement.

It's available in different lengths to accommodate your needs.

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A fluorescence solution for non-microscopic applications

CMOS 1.2 MP camera

Integrated LED lighting

Plate size: 40 mm x 60 mm

Image manager Fluosense

Fields of application

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    Biomedical sector

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  • 3

    Industrial control

Technical specifications of the camera

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Further information

Technical specifications of the camera

Lighting : 1.2 megapixels

Interface : USB 3.0 interface

Lighting : LED lighting (different wavelengths available)

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