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A passion for enhanced vision

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We are image experts offering optimized and tailored solutions to our customers' usage requirements, whether these are simple, complex or extreme.

Strong values shared with our customers

Our passion for the image, which is constantly renewed by the development of innovative image capture and processing solutions, is driven by values that see us unite around a common goal: to meet the needs of our customers with high value-added systems by tailoring our expertise to their individual vision activities and expertise.

Our values of teamwork, striving forexcellence, exploring new and innovative solutions and agilityare the foundations of our unique expertise in integrated and enhanced vision systems.

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We work as a team with our customers to come up with the best possible solutions.

We believe in shared success.

We respect and trust our team members.


We strive for excellence with our solutions and services.

We make promises and take every effort to keep them.

Courage, determination and imagination help us to overcome challenges.


We push the boundaries of vision.

We explore options so we can experiment better.

We collaborate to build the image and vision industry solutions of tomorrow.


We ensure the customer is the focus of our organization,

We adapt to changing priorities.
We anticipate challenges so we can react with determination and transparency.

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