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Project background

  • Customer BIO-RAD (equipment manufacturer of microbiology laboratories)
  • Fields of application Microbiology
  • Project Design of biomedical imaging device • Mass production of equipment
  • Work performed Antibiotic Test Reader ADAGIO


Customer issue

Our client wanted a reliable, repetitive measuring device with which the biologist takes the decision to validate, adjust or correct the result provided by the machine.

Our achievement and its characteristics

We have designed automatic antibiograms on Petri dishes of very varied appearance (box shapes, number of discs, agar plates, bacteria,...). This integrated imaging system is capable of measuring the size of the inhibition zone around an antibiotic disk. This automated measurement by real-time imaging is possible by the presence of multiple cameras and tailor-made lighting produced in our factory.

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Benefits of our solution

  • Increase of laboratory treatment rates
  • Detection of antibiotic resistance mechanisms, inconsistencies and technical errors.

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