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Project background

  • Customer Treefrog Therapeutics (Cell therapy biotech company)
  • Fields of application Bioproduction
  • Project Design of the benchtop microscope dedicated to image capture • Specific image analysis algorithms to qualify the production • Mass production of the device
  • Work performed Benchtop microscope for off-line quality control of stem cell production


Customer issue

Our customer wanted an easy, fast and reproducible off-line image acquisition and analysis system to characterize and control the capsules and/or stem cells produced by an operator. 

Our achievements and its characteristics

We have designed a benchtop microscope for routine off-line imaging of stem cell culture dishes. This imaging system contains custom image processing algorithms allowing real-time analysis of various statistics to monitor cell development. 

Benefits of our solution

  • Image capture with the minimum of settings, fast, simple and reproducible
  • Real-time statistical analysis
  • Image capture compatible with sterility and cleanliness constraints related to cell production in clean rooms

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