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Project background

  • Customer Product developed by i2S
  • Fields of application Embryology
  • Project Design and manufacture of the ATLIS for embryos™ and its associated software
  • Work performed Time-lapse incubator for embryonic development monitoring in an in vitro fertilization procedure


Project issue

Time-lapse incubators are widely used in embryology to support assisted reproduction procedures. These systems are expensive and bulky. We wanted to make this technology accessible with a new image quality for a better diagnosis.  

Our achievements and its characteristics

We have developed a time-lapse micro-automat containing an incubator for maintaining the development conditions of the embryos and ensuring the follow-up of their evolution. This solution was designed to accommodate 4 patients/machine, 16 embryos/patient, all with perfect identification and traceability. 

Benefits of our solution

  • Unprecedented image quality
  • Analysis and 3D modeling of the embryo
  • Help for the practitioner's diagnosis

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