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Project background

  • Customer DIAGAST (equipment manufacturer for the EFS - French Blood Establishment - and other establishments and laboratories around the world)
  • Fields of application Immunohematology
  • Project Design and Mass production of SMART READER
  • Work performed Microplate reader integrable for antibody screening, grouping and phenotyping.


Customer issue

Our customer wanted to make groupings, phenotyping, irregular antibodies research, and classify according to the shape, the texture. The product had to incorporate a 96-well plate and barcode reading.

Our achievement and its characteristics

This solution is based on the principle of magnetization of red blood cells that are attracted to the bottom of the well of the microplate.To meet the customer's needs, our design office has designed a reliable and repetitive measuring device for which the biologist takes the decision to validate, adjust or correct the result provided by the machine. Futhermore, the integrated imaging system is equipped with customized camera and backlight ensuring automated measurement by real-time imaging. This imaging sub-assembly is mass produced in our factory.

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Benefits of our solution

  • No recourse to the centrifuge
  • Increase of laboratory treatment rates
  • Perfect image quality for unequivocal results

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