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Project background

  • Customer SAM RESEARCH
  • Country Rouen | France
  • Fields of application Medical
  • Project Development of a non-irradiating 3D measurement instrument for postural analysis and monitoring of patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders
  • Work performed Advice and support on the use of color cameras in stereoscopy and a library of 3D image processing

The application

Customer issue

SAM RESEARCH offers innovative tools to analyze in 3D our posture in a natural position.

Based on the observation that there is no precise, reproducible and repeatable measurement equipment on the human body, the SAM RESEARCH company has developed and patented a 3D capture technology using several industrial cameras (SAM3D®).

Image contenu page
Image contenu page

Our solution and its advantages

 We advised and supported the client on the choice of industrial cameras and image processing software to implement 3D measurement, which is the key function of their system.

  • to achieve 3D capture, the choice fell on high-definition color cameras ace4600 from the Basler brand. Equipped with a 14-megapixel CMOS sensor, these cameras are particularly compact and easy to implement from a software point of view. They also have an excellent resolution / price ratio,
  • used according to the principle of stereoscopic vision, the cameras produce images of the patient's body which are processed by the 3D calculation functions of the MIL library software from Matrox. Thus all the significant points of the patient are measured in a 3D space and recorded.

The customer’s benefits

The proposed solution guarantees a measurement accuracy of less than one mm and meets a target price contained so that the complete SAM3D® system is economically viable. Ultimately, the SAM3D® device is capable of automatically measuring the entire body of the patient without contact and thus establishing a complete assessment in less than 5 minutes.

Image contenu page
Image contenu page
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