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Development of a new product range

Project background

  • Customer IMAGINE OPTIC
  • Fields of application Scientific research and development
  • Project Development of a new generation of wavefront sensors
  • Work performed Advice and support on the use of a compact industrial camera

The application

Customer issue

The wavefront sensors permit users to make accurate measurements of wavefronts with an absolute accuracy of more than λ/100 rms.

The objective is to develop a new generation of wavefront sensors (HASO4 First) by focusing on the product compactness, integrating a new standardised, modern and lasting interface and ensuring specific and swift measures.

Our solution and its advantages 

We advised and helped the customer on the use of a compact standard Basler ace camera, which provided  the full performance of the new USB3 Vision norm and also integrated a CCD sensor of high sensitivity. Furthermore, the CCD sensor and the size of the camera are fully aligned with the HASO4 wavefront sensors family, which is used for the most demanding applications in optical metrology, microscopy and laser diagnostics worldwide.

The Basler ace cameras come in the form of a  small case (29 mm x 29 mm) and offer various resolutions and speeds with a wide range of interfaces and sensors from the largest manufacturers.

What were the client’s key factors for the choice of the ace camera ?

  • the CDD performance with a long-term stability, a perfect spatial polarization and a reliable electronic
  • the camera pylon software suite of Basler: Imagine Optic uses the pylon software of Basler in its HASOv3 cutting edge software for wavefront sensors metrology. Almost all the functionalities and ease of access such as the gain, the duration of exposure, the offset, the partial scan etc… are used to unleash all the HASOv3 software power in a very demanding scientific and industrial environment.

The customer’s benefits

The three unique caracteristics of the camera – factory calibration, cutting edge software and high quality microlens array – permit the new HASO4 First family to provide a level of performance beyond all competitiveness.

The proposed solution is in line with the scientific and industrial  requirements.

« Our customers ask for a reliable and standardised metrology solution to reduce as much as posible the downtime and maintenance time. With those requirements in mind, Imagine Optic chose naturally Basler to buy a camera technology for its products », confirms Mathias Bach, director of sales in Europe for Imagine Optic. 

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