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From Photon to Cloud

Innovation in image capture, restitution and analysis, from photon to cloud

Irisolution™ platform integrates all the required technologies to develop an integrated vision application, from photon to cloud.

It allows us to design devices, on the table or portable, integrating images capture and their restitution at the level of quality, 2D or 3D format and frequency expected by the given application. The device can be wireless, connected to the cloud if necessary, and equipped with learning capabilities.

The platform makes possible to define, optimize and integrate the appropriate optics for the acquisition of an optimal quality image, restitution of images sequences via dedicated on-board electronics, a simple and intuitive user interface, the wireless communication and remote internet access for usage and learning functions.

The global solution in integrated vision

Each device, dedicated to a given application, uses integrated vision to acquire, restore and analyze 2D or 3D images and help in decision-making.

The image sequences of all connected devices are consolidated in the cloud and can be used for remote device use.

They are also used for learning by capitalizing on all images sequences of the different connected devices and thus improving the relevance of decision assistance.

Learning result is transmitted to each individual device, which continuously improves its added value.

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From photon to cloud… and from functional prototype to mass production

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Mastery of Photon

i2S masters all required technologies to design an integrated vision application.

His forty years of expertise allows him to excel in the critical function of capture and restoring the optimal image.

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Mastery of Cloud

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i2S takes advantage of the development of LIMB Gallery, its successful platform for digital libraries, by applying it to remote functions of integrated vision applications.

For specific cybersecurity needs, the platform can be hosted directly with customers.

i2S works with a certified cloud host for medical applications.

Multidisciplinary know-how

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An agile and flexible platform

Irisolution™ is a platform which can adapt to our clients' projects.

Thus, when the learning function is a specialized and confidential know-how of our customers, Irisolution™ enables to make the necessary sequences of images available on the cloud and to communicate with the proprietary algorithms developed by our customers.

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Together, let's exploit the potential of integrated vision !

Do you have an image capture and exploitation project for an integrated function or a finished product ?

i2S Team supports you, from prototype to mass production and from photon to cloud.

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