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National Library of France

18 eScan en Libre-service à la Bibliothèque Nationale de France

The challenge

Because knowledge must be within everyone's reach, the Bibliothèque nationale de France decided to help the public access its cultural heritage. Although known for its civic commitment, it was restricted by its use of photocopiers: Old or bound books wear out quickly (covers bent backwards, crushing) and the ergonomics are limited (it's impossible to see what is being scanned).

First Image National Library of France
Second Image National Library of France

Our solution

In partnership with SEDECO and Spigraph, in 2009 i2S provided the Bibliothèque nationale de France with 12 first-generation scanners. These scanning solutions, installed at four sites, allow members of the public to ask operators at the library to make high-quality copies of an extract of a work and then print the document, the only output mode authorized by the institution.


Our solution meets the needs of our audience, user of the scanners and the wide range of books they wants to digitize. i2S meets the selection criteria imposed by a real-time preview, a scanning format up to 560 x 400 mm. The user can perform both a paper print (scanner connected to a printer) and a backup on any type of USB sticks, pay for a copy directly by a scanner connected to a coin mechanism and scan in color and greyscale

Despite the evolution of smartphone performance and strong competition on the book scanner market, i2S and its partner Spigraph are once again gaining the confidence of SEDECO and install eighteen eScan Open System (next generation of the range) on the same four sites. 

Third Image National Library of France
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