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We asked each member of our team what the augmented image means to them.

Photo profil Muriel Saunier

For Muriel, the enhanced image is connecting the world of the visible to that of the invisible to give access to knowledge differently,

Muriel Saunier

Machine Vision Sales Administration
Muriel joined i2S in 2013. A true coordinator of national and international logistics operations, she is the privileged link between customers and suppliers.Its action to streamline flows can contribute to customer satisfaction and enrich its buying experience.
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Photo profil Surendra Pal Singh

For Surendra Singh, enhanced vision means going deeper and deeper in to the image by using innovative tech to extract more and more information which can be utilized for the benefit of entire human race.

Surendra Pal Singh

Country Manager for India

Having gained wide experience in sales and marketing working with global giants, Surendra Singh joined i2S in 2019 as Country Manager for India market. Image is something not new to him as he has experience of working with office automation industry for more than a decade.

He enjoys travelling, meeting new people and building long lasting strong relationships. His mission in i2S is to help customers archive their invaluable heritage collection by providing best of i2S tech in image capturing, processing, archiving and secured retrieval.

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Photo profil Pierre Bergeron

For Pierre, enhanced vision is about making the beauty of our images available for you to use

Pierre Bergeron

Director of Operations

Originally joining i2S as a customer support engineer and then quickly progressing to product manager, Pierre is committed to customer relationships and the practical value of the products developed.
For many years, Pierre contributed to the success of DigiBook's heritage digitization activity as department manager.

These days he is taking on a more cross-disciplinary role as Director of Operations: providing the vision for product marketing, ensuring the development of high-quality customer projects and internal products, and guaranteeing our production excellence.

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Photo profil Céline Collet-Bernon

For Céline the enhanced image is the transformation of "the infinitely small" into "infinitely large" to allow everyone to see the hidden beauty of i2S images.

Céline Collet-Bernon

Production Team

Céline works in the production team.

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Photo profil Xavier Datin

For Xavier, enhanced vision is the world revealed on the big screen of i2S!

Xavier Datin


Xavier began his career in vision with an internship at the end of his studies, but it wasn't until 30 years later that he returned to this sector. In the interim, he enjoyed a varied career working for a large French company as a researcher in artificial intelligence, the head of a subsidiary in France and Asia, and as an industrial director. He also launched a subsidiary in China and created a start-up in the United States in the field of home automation and solar energy.

He had the opportunity to travel the world with his wife and three children, spending time in Beijing and Hong Kong (a city that fascinated him to such a degree that he became a citizen), Chicago and finally San Francisco, before settling in Bordeaux.

His career reached new heights when he joined i2S. Xavier took over the leadership of this SME with a start-up culture and unique expertise to exploit its strong values of teamwork, excellence, exploration of new technologies, and agility to meet the needs of its customers and capitalize on its strong international development potential.

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Photo profil Laurent Virepinte

For Laurent, the enhanced image is to acquire an extrasensory vision

Laurent Virepinte

Lean Manufacturing Manager

Entered the adventure almost thirty years ago as a control technician, Laurent now works as a production manager.

Beyond the organizational side, he describes his role as that of a listening coach, always present, anxious to help his employees to reveal their talents.

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For Philippe, the augmented image means transforming vision into a source of information.

Philippe Bayle

Customer Support Heritage Digitization

Philippe began his professional career at i2S in 1985 as an electronics engineer for the design of cameras.
In 1992, he participated in the development of the first i2S scanner and devoted himself to software.
Since 2001, as a customer support, he has been helping scanner users to obtain the best possible image quality.

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Arnaud Tullio

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Photo profil Fabian Poutou

For Fabian, enhanced vision is the answer to the challenges of tomorrow; nothing more, nothing less.

Fabian Poutou

Electronics Engineer

Fabian has worked at i2S for 4 years. As an electronics engineer, he ensures that i2S's vision products achieve the ultimate in performance.

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Maory Garcia-Madriz

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Fanny Lafourcade

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For Guillaume, the augmented image means pushing the limits of human vision to see further.

Guillaume Briatte

Sales Engineer Machine Vision

With a technical-commercial background, Guillaume joined i2S in 2021 as a sedentary commercial engineer, a real interface between the company's various trades and activities.

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Photo profil Morgane Radigue

For Morgane the enhanced image is to develop heritage digitization products based on the uses of tomorrow and for the younger generations.

Morgane Radigue

Marketing & Sales Cultral Heritage

Holder of a Master Degree in Marketing and Commercial Development in Bordeaux, she studied alternately at Suez, in the Industrial Waters division. Recruited as commercial for the great Southwest, she evolves towards operational marketing to enrich her skills.

Morgane joined i2S in 2016 to collaborate with the Marketing and Commerce divisions of the cultural heritage business unit both in operational and inbound marketing as well as in new forms of business, particularly in the customer journey. At i2S, she acquires technical know-how and likes to be more attentive to customers in order to better meet their requirements.

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Photo profil Christophe Lacroix

For Christophe, enhanced vision is about revealing the infinitely small, the hidden, the ephemeral, the delicate, the unexpected... It's about building knowledge through a medium that can be understood by everyone and easily shared.

Christophe Lacroix

Director of Innovation

Christophe spent most of his career at i2S working in development, support, project management and service management positions, before taking on the management of Research & Development and then the Innovation Department. In these positions he has contributed to the development and implementation of many i2S innovations for both the company and its customers.

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Photo profil Claire Larronde

For Claire, the enhanced vision is a wonderful source of additional information provided to the practitioner to improve his knowledge and facilitate his diagnosis, making him safer, faster and more precise.

Claire Larronde

Product Manager i2S MedCare

Holder of a dual competence in neuroscience and marketing, Claire began her career at i2S in January 2019 as a product manager in the MedCare activity. She supports the development of medical devices by playing the role of interface between the technical and commercial teams. She also participates in the development and promotion of medical activity.

Claire particularly appreciates her exchanges with health professionals. Very attentive and passionate about the health field, she is driven by the ambition to providing them with the diagnostic aid solution that is best suited to their needs and uses.

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Photo profil Jean Baptiste Schrantz

For Jean Baptiste, enhanced vision is the emotion of finding that one image" among millions of others thanks to the relevant metadata automatically generated by our artificial intelligence systems!"

Jean Baptiste Schrantz

DigiBook Marketing and Limb Gallery Support

As a specialist in industrial vision, Jean Baptiste began his career as an applications engineer within i2s's Vision Department, working on different systems for the CNES and the CEA.

Jean Baptiste then joined the DigiBook Department to develop applications to control book scanners from the SupraScan and CopiBook ranges.
With his experience in development, he has headed up the support service for the Limb software suite since 2012.
As the Product Owner of the Limb Processing and Limb Gallery software solutions since 2015, he contributes to development of the suite by introducing better functionality to users.

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Photo profil Rémi Lapuyade

For Rémi, enhanced vision is about seeing beyond appearances.

Rémi Lapuyade

Industrial Operations and Methods Manager

As Industrial Operations and Methods Manager, Rémi has the essential role of intermediary between R&D and production. His job is to prepare products coming out of R&D for commercial production.

He also manages quality issues, i2S machine certification and electronic card design.

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Photo profil Najim Belbachir

For Najim, enhanced vision means harnessing new technologies to offer innovative and inventive machine vision solutions for our customers.

Najim Belbachir

Sales Manager Machine Vision
Technical and commercial training, Najim discovers the vision during an internship end of study, arousing at home, a vocation and eager to flourish in this sector, goes in search.Recruited in 2016 for a position of sedentary sales manager, as of 2017, he is promoted sales manager for the France Nord region.

Dynamic and attentive to its customers, he creates fertile conditions for the realization of their projects whether simple or complex.
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Photo profil Vianney Ruellan

The enhanced vision is an incredible help in facilitating medical diagnosis and improving the targeting of patient care!

Vianney Ruellan

Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer

With marketing and commercial education , Vianney RUELLAN has dedicated for 20 years all its energy and passion to the development and international promotion of very high-tech and made-in Europe medical devices.

After several years as Country Manager in China, then Head of Product Marketing in Bordeaux and finally Asia Director in Hong Kong for one of the flagship medical industry in France, Vianney joined i2S in April 2018 as Director of the new MedCare entity. Its aim is to develop new projects for the design and manufacture of innovative medical devices in the fields of in vitro diagnostics and connected portable tools.

Should you have project in health and wellness requiring unique and recognized expertise in integrated imaging, he will be happy to guide you.

Since January 2021, Vianney has been in charge of sales and marketing of the 3 activities DigiBook, Vision and MedCare.

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Thomas Jumelle

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Photo profil Franck Malecot

For Franck, the enhanced image is a metaphor that helps us see what we see. She pushes the limits to escape to new horizons.

Franck Malecot

Cultural Heritage Supply Chain
Franck is a jack-of-all-trades who is interested in various fields and collaborates on many projects. After a first university degree in engineering and mechanics and a year "Bsc engeneering" in England, he moved away from this course to take an interest in photography. He assists photographers and becomes an independent photographer and freelance journalist while completing his technical training by graduating from the Ecole Nationale Louis Lumiere in photography.After a few years in the most prestigious places of Parisian photography ranging from shooting to advertising and publicity with Publicis, he moved to New Zealand to start a personal photographic project. He participated in the creation of the first digital assistant camera service with the beginning of digital backs for photographers.Back in France, he joined i2S Digibook in the support team that allows him to travel and share his knowledge with new cultures through training and customer support before and after sales. Always on the alert in search of excellence, he always seeks to improve exchanges and products to best satisfy the uses of our customers.
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For Pascal, the augmented image represents human genius and the ability of man to go beyond his limits.

Pascal Chevalier

Marketing and Communication Manager i2S Vision

Trained as an engineer, Pascal began his career at i2S in the Applications department at the end of the 1980s.
After several years devoted to technical support and assisting customers in the management of specific projects, Pascal migrated in 2000 to the position of communication manager for all of the company's activities.
Since 2007, he has been in charge of operational marketing and communication missions for the Vision business.

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Photo profil Bertrand Kuhn

For Bertrand, the ehnhanced vision is to immerse oneself completely in the image to discover all its aspects while promoting its enrichment and personal experience.

Bertrand Kuhn

International Sales Manager

Graduated from an International Business MBA, Bertrand Kuhn began his career working in India, China, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom before returning to France. He evolves in international business development positions with high tech products mixing hardware and software.

By joining i2S, Bertrand continues his international business development mission for the DigiBook brand in the Africa, Middle East, Russia, India and Australia sectors by taking care of the current distributor's network while recruiting new partners.

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Photo profil Sabrina Roy

For Sabrina, the enhanced image is a better perception of reality in favor of new uses.

Sabrina Roy

International Sales Manager
Graduated with a Master's degree in International Business specialization Americas, Sabrina began her career at i2S in the marketing department of DigiBook where she participated in the launch of the CopiBook scanner, the brand's flagship product. Secondly, she is rapidly moving towards commerce, where she is tackling the development of the commercial network in South America with the opening of new markets, such as Brazil, as well as the consolidation of the distribution network in Eastern Europe. After more than ten years of experience in this position, she is now in charge of managing the sales network of a part of Europe, a diagonal crossing the Scandinavian countries, to Germany to the countries until the east coutries of Europe.
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Cédric Boulanger

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Photo profil Bruno Hiberty

For Bruno, enhanced vision offers a new perspective on the world!

Bruno Hiberty

Optical Engineer

Bruno joined i2S in 2006 as the first optical engineer in the history of the company. As optics is a key technology in imagery, he has naturally participated in all of the innovative developments of recent years.

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For Martin, the augmented image is the perception of elements that the eye can only imagine.

Martin Labarre

Apprentice Network and Information Systems Engineer

A graduate of a DUT in Networks and Telecommunications, Martin is training as a Network and Information Systems Engineer on a work-study program at i2S.
He participates in the maintenance of IT resources and in network extension and improvement projects.

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Photo profil Jean-Luc Valancogne

For Jean-Luc, the enhanced image is to reach, manipulate and transform the real world for the service of man.

Jean-Luc Valancogne

Product Owner
Jean-Luc began his professional career at i2S in 1999 as a developer engineer in the i2S DigiBook team to strengthen the software offering in image processing after digitization. Its goal is to allow the customer to always have the most beautiful images of the works he has just digitized.In 2003, he joined the i2S Vision distribution team with an expert role and pre-sales / after-sales customer support for high-end products. Subsequently, he migrates to project management in a group of local companies for large accounts. In 2008, he joined the i2S DigiBook team to participate in the development of new scanners and lead the development of all scanner control software.Today, he joins the project management team for the entire company where he strives to put all his experience gained in the various departments to the projects he manages.
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Photo profil Sabine Manoussis

For Sabine, an enhanced image is a computer-generated image from a three-dimensional digital mock-up that corrects aspect defects, lighten or darken the image (pixel).

Sabine Manoussis

Production Technician
Production technician, assembly, wiring, at I2S since February 2013

She executes the assembly and wiring of the products and tests some of our pre-sales machines and electronic cards.
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Photo profil Michaël Bréda

For Michaël, enhanced vision is about always wanting to see further.

Michaël Bréda

Mechanical Designer

Michaël is responsible for overseeing customer projects with passion and desire, from design to commercial production.

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Photo profil Anne Chérif

For Anne, enhanced vision is about highlighting pertinent information.

Anne Chérif

Image Processing Engineer

Anne Chérif is an image processing specialist in the Innovation team. She creates advanced algorithms dedicated to the entire image processing chain, from acquisition to interpretation.

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Photo profil Simon Rodriguez

For Simon, enhanced vision is about going beyond what is seen by humans by making the invisible visible.

Simon Rodriguez

Production Technician
Simon graduated with a technology degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering and is responsible for designing and then commercially producing our products. i2s. After 6 months working fori2s on a placement, during which time he helped with commercially producing book scanners, Simon joined i2s officially in October 2013. Involved initially in heritage digitization" activities, he contributed to the launch of the eSCAN and CopiBook OS scanners. With his diverse experience and varied expertise, Simon is a true "Swiss army knife" in the mechanics field within i2S's design office.
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For Margot, the augmented image means accessing what is invisible to us to find solutions.

Margot Roy

Communication Manager

After an internship and a block release training at i2S, Margot joined the communication team. Its main missions concern the management and supply of the company's internal and external communication media.

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Romain Vaucelle

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