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Dear investors, 

i2S celebrated its 40 years of experience in the imaging field ! The firm is driven by a fast evolution of imaging technologies, which cost reduces and the performance increases. At the same time, the opportunities of using image acquisition and analysis have multiplied. Taking advantage of this favorable environment, the company is executing its strategy with determination and looking to the future with enthusiasm !

i2S is very present in the industrial applications in which the image is the source of decision-making. Taking advantage of the heritage digitization’s experience and success with a global and recognized position in the high-end scanners field, the firm launched a new business sector in the promising sector of health and wellness, in which the applications are numerous. The firm decided to focus its technological know-how in the development of cellular analysis devices, and also in the conception of cellular analysis portable tools to different medical and cosmetical specialties.

i2S stays faithful to its unique and historical know-how  in acquisition and restitution of an optimum image quality, as a major element of differentiation, that is used in the development of global solutions, in promising segments. This know-how made by a set of technological, material and software bricks, accessible from a platform called IRISOLUTION, in constant improvement, permits us to build a complete architecture, adapted to every imaging solution, from the photon creation – how to produce and capture it to generate an optimal image- and finally to the mastery of cloud, in order to analyse, to use and to enrich continuously the application through learning.

i2S can count on its strong technical skills and on a high-technology industrial tool, to offer a global solution to its clients who have an imaging project, from the prototype phase to mass production.
Above all, i2S can count on a multidisciplinary team, engaged and passionate by the image, and who strongly believes in the use of imaging applications to improve our everyday life and that shares the essential values to make this vision becomes realisations.

i2S combines its collaborators personal development in an exciting collective project with a profitable growth of targeted activities, that benefit from a growth potential.
Thank you for your interest in our society, 

With kind regards, 

Xavier Datin,
General Director of i2S

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Created in 1979 by its current directors and listed on the stock exchange since 2007, i2S is a stable company with low debt. Its financial solidity is assured by €6.1 million in equity and €3.9 million in net cash.

Stock exchange

i2S-INNOVATIVE IMAGING SOLUTIONS has been listed on Alternext since October 24, 2007 (ISIN: FR 0005854700 / Mnemo: ALI2S)

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The company Champeil Asset Management has appointed i2S as a listing sponsor.

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