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New factory in Cestas

From proof of concept to mass production

Manufacturing is an integral part of our value proposition. The benefit for our customers is a complete offer, from prototyping their product to mass production, with a global solution.

At a time when the growing sophistication of integrated vision requires more and more skills in various fields, i2S brings all its specialist know-how at the cutting edge of technology, from design to manufacturing and shipping of finished products.

Total control of manufacturing and logistics supply

The grouping of production, logistics and purchasing functions in a building dedicated to our company allows total control of the entire production chain, global optimization and the best responsiveness to our customers' requests.

  • Total control of the entire optical chain and integration into the camera or the integrated vision system.
  • Systematic control of the final assembly for all products.
  • Total control of product quality by ensuring all the necessary controls to guarantee the conformity of each product with functional and regulatory requirements.

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Mastery of critical and specialized steps in the manufacturing of integrated vision systems

Optical chain manufacturing in a clean room

Integration of the optical chain and camera assembly

Calibration of systems with specialized test benches depending on the application: 2D, 3D, multi-spectral

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Versatility, modularity, agility

Production areas dedicated to different activities with specialization of manufacturing in production teams.

Great versatility of the factory to manufacture small portable products in the medical field as well as large book scanners for the digitization of heritage.

Versatility also in volumes, from a few units per year (large book scanners) to series of 10,000 products per year in the medical field.

Pay particular attention to the entry control of supplies to ensure compliance with specifications, therefore the quality of the final product.

After-sales service on site with management of products returned as close as possible to the production team that manufactures the product.

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Total control of the logistics offer and its optimization

Very responsive to customer requests and long experience in logistics, including internationally.

Some customers entrust us with the logistics of their offer directly to their customers, without going through their logistics center.

Mastery of the principles of the factory 3.0

Organization of manufacturing areas, supply of components, management of responsible teams, continuous improvement. In particular to optimize the versatility of manufacturing with an optimal modularity corresponding to the production space, which evolves in real time according to the production plan.

Evolution in progress towards the factory 4.0 with the use of Internet to create the digital twin of the connected products from their manufacture. Traceability and optimal management of the product life cycle combined with remote product management functions.

Permanent enrichment of know-how by the complete mastery of the integrated vision solution and the accumulation of experience, learning by improvements from daily manufacturing, from processing customer feedback to improve the quality of manufactured products, developments proposed by those who manufacture the product to improve its performance or its cost. For the greatest benefit of our customers.

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25B chemin de Lou Tribail
33610 CESTAS

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28-30 rue Jean Perrin
33608 PESSAC

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