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Cámaras calibradas

Cámaras calibradas

Fijado y calibrado en serie

i2S makes it easy and fast to integrate your cameras into your equipment. Depending on your shooting conditions, we produce on a specific optical adjustment and calibration bench, camera sets preset and ready for operation. According to the quantities and the controls / adjustments to be made we study at the best price the overall cost of production for each camera.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of operations that can be implemented in the camera production process:

- Mounting a lens1 and / or lighting

- Adjust and lock the sharpness

- Setting and locking the aperture

- Vignetting, distortion or chromatic aberration measurement

- White balance measurement

- 3D Calibration

- Providing correction files for each camera

- Integration of corrections on board the camera2

(1) i2S has a clean room for optical mounting without dust.

(2) feature available with some camera models

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