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La Biblioteca Estatal y Universitaria de Göttingen

La Biblioteca Estatal y Universitaria de Göttingen

"The i2s CopiBook RGB+ ensures fail-safe, fast work with consistently high scan quality. The robust, low-maintenance construction of the CopiBook with a fixed scanning head meets the requirements of mass digitization projects with high scanning volumes. The combination of impeccable image quality, high scanning speeds, and comfortable workstation ergonomics guarantees reliable and high-quality scan results and also speeds up our work processes"

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Second Image La Biblioteca Estatal y Universitaria de Göttingen

As such, the GDZ is always looking for ways to increase efficiency and optimize its in-house digitalization processes. Its objective and approach comprise the continuous further development of the in-house technical scan infrastructure, giving special consideration to the financial aspects.

As part of an evaluation process, A2 book scanners from different manufacturers were analyzed for their suitability for conservation purposes for the digitization of historical manuscripts, image quality, color fidelity, functionality, user ergonomics, and scanning speed. Based on the above criteria, two i2s CopiBook RGB+ color systems were ordered from Bielefeld-based system provider Walter Nagel GmbH & Co KG.

Unique Features of the i2s CopiBook

The CopiBook RGB+ boasts impressive image quality, user-friendly operation, and a fast scan cycle. Thanks to the automatically opening motorized book cradle with variable book spine clearance, bound works can be laid out evenly, meaning the sometimes fragile bindings of the scanned manuscripts are not physically damaged. The swiveling glass plate with pressure protection and suspension ensures that the pages to be scanned lie flat and historical manuscripts are not adversely affected by excessive contact pressure. The scanning process can be triggered by simply closing the glass plate, which allows for efficient working methods.

MARTIN LIEBETRUTH, technical consultant and co-head of digitization strategies at the GDZ, explains the crucial aspects that led to a decision in favor of the CopiBook RGB+"In addition to the high reliability and outstanding scan quality, real-time preview is one of the system's key unique selling points. The centrally positioned additional monitor facilitates optimal alignment of the texts before the scan begins. The scan operator is shown the result of the autoformat detection and the scan object is conveniently pre-masked. This guarantees reliable results and minimizes incidents of mis-scanned documents. The low-noise and glare-free capture technology meets all of our needs for an ergonomically designed scanning workstation."

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