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The agricultural sector is facing major challenges such as the increase of the world's population and the depletion of natural resources, which forces us to find smarter ways of production. 

Technology, and in particular imaging, can help farmers, ranchers, cooperatives, and communities address these issues. 

New technological solutions, notably based on digital innovations, have been developed in the agricultural sector, grouped together under the name of "AgriTech".

Through its CSR approach, i2S wanted to respond to these environmental issues and was able to bring its know-how in integrated imaging in targeted AgriTech applications, including:

Our knowledge made to serve agriculture

i2S has capitalized on forty years of custom tool development in a wide range of industries to apply its technologies to the agricultural field. 

We are thus able to develop complete systems dedicated to the most complex applications of our customers, thanks to a wide range of imaging techniques to capture, process the images and obtain the optimal information for the needs of the application: infrared, multispectral, 3D imaging, totally sealed systems, resistant to external climatic conditions, subject to variations in light, to image areas that are difficult to access, etc. 
These systems can be used to monitor different types of production: either off-line by sampling or on-line thanks to ramps that are fully integrated into the production lines. They can also be directly embedded in our customers' devices. 
The development of customized image processing algorithms allows for precise real-time analysis of morphology, color or anomaly detection criteria. 
All our know-how is put at the service of our customers to increase the efficiency and yield of their production, reduce contamination and meet high-speed requirements

Our areas of expertise

The industrial production of insects 

We have developed an off-line system for monitoring industrial insect production to improve the characterization of production in an easy and reproducible way.

Grading and sorting of fruits and vegetables

We have developed grading and sorting ramps for fruits and vegetables integrated in grading machines of major food processing machine manufacturers. 

The purpose of these ramps is to analyze the food with precision on morphological criteria, color or detection of anomalies

Plant phenotyping 

This allows to measure various characteristics of outdoor plants in order to determine the actions to be taken (watering, fertilization, weeding, harvesting ...). 

The "intelligent" spraying 

It consists in distinguishing in real time the weed from the crop and in spraying at the right place and at the right time the right dose of phytosanitary product.

Monitoring of agricultural plots 

i2S has developed a particular know-how, the result of a CIFRE thesis by Antoine Billy entitled "Multimodal 3D+ Imaging for drone: Application to the evaluation of the phytosanitary state of the vineyard". 

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